Establishing New Service


Establishing New Service:

To setup new service you will need to either call or visit us and provide the following information:

• Lease or Settlement Statement
• Name
• Service Address
• Mailing Address (if different from service address)
• Current Telephone Number
• Employer and Work Number
• Social Security Number
• Date of Birth
• Copy of Driver's License
• Name and Telephone Number of nearest relative or friend

New Service Turn On Charge: $25.00

Deposit Charge:

• Homeowner: $75.00
• Renter: $75.00
• Business Owner: Deposit will be quoted

*Additional deposit charges may apply to new customers.  Full deposit charges will be stated at time of new service setup.

Turn on charges are non-refundable.  Deposit charges are refundable when you move out of the Leeds Service Area.

Call us today at 205.699.5151

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